Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Peak oil at home and abroad

A snapshot of peak oil in early May 2008, up here on the mountain:
  • Iran's oil exports are declining. Iran's the second-largest OPEC exporter, and is running into problems with internal infrastructure. The linked article wonders when oil will hit $200/barrel. Meanwhile oil's around $120.
  • We have a new goat, Ghost. Female, so hopefully she's heading down the road to kidding, meaning more milk.
  • American urban agriculture is growing. This should be a vital step as oil makes urban food imports more expensive.
  • This morning I rented a movie and two games, for which the price had increased one dollar apiece. "It's because of oil prices going up," explained the clerk.
  • Brazil's oil fields might be big. Or they might be expensive. Or both.
  • A Vermont town terminated its peak oil committee.
  • Tim O'Reilly wonders if peak oil is the sort of thing that ends civilizations.

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