Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Last day of the hammock

A rare warm October day leads me to the hammock:

Into October

We're halfway through October here on the homestead.  Here's an update.

Now is serious autumn time.  Leaves have largely turned or fallen. Temperatures often drop to the 30s°F, especially at night.  We've started the main house fire, even running it an entire day.

And yet we get flashes of warm weather to remind us of the season just past.  Today's temperature may rise to 60 °F.  To an extent fall and spring are seasons of oscillation, alternating between the seasons they separate.

Nearly all of the plants are done.  Our plots are either empty or filled with lonely stalks.  The exception is our main potato patch, which Ceredwyn is letting finish, giving each spud a smidgen of extra growth,

The light has changed, as I describe in this story on Cowbird.
November is just around the corner.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The season's first fire

Autumn has settled in with a vengeance this week, with temperatures in the 40s during daytime.  This is too cold for Owain and Ceredwyn, so we lit our first fire of the season.

That was wood from last winter, and it burned well in the kitchen stove.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer fled this morning

Today is chilly.  It was about 40°F when I got up, rising to 47°F by 8:30 am.
This is autumn's first major swipe at summer.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Today's little harvest

Ceredwyn snagged some cucumbers from our gardens today, along with a bunch of blackberries.

Cucumbers have proven a reliable crop over the past few years.  Blackberries are relatively new for us; we experimented with cultivating them this year.

Monday, August 25, 2014

One day's small harvest

It's been too long since we blogged here.  Time to remedy that.

Now it's August and summer is upon the cusp of autumn.  So harvesting is in the air.

For example, Ceredwyn plucked these from one of our plots today:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Working on structures

Today Ceredwyn and I worked on two very light structures.

First, we finished building a Shelterlogic tent/shed.  This is going to house some of our wood supply.

Ceredwyn and Owain had done a lot of work already: cleaning the ground, connecting metal pieces, assembling the skeleton, balancing and rebalancing the legs.  So yesterday my wife and I threw a gigantic, heavy tarp over the framework, and secured it in place.  We raked out the new floor and set down a huge plastic ground sheet.  Next to come: wooden pallets and, well, wood.
Our house is off to the left.

Second, we worked on the chicken coop.  It's still suffering from last year's bear attacks (June, July; story), which skewed the cattle-panel framework, collapsed an interior support, and shredded some outer perimeter chicken wire fences.  I stood inside and used my back to lift up the roof, then shoved a beam into place to hold it a little higher up. Ceredwyn and I put up a tarp and cleaned up eggs old and new.

Then, just outside the chicken enclosure, we found a surprise next with eggs:
I don't know how the hen found those cinder blocks comfortable, but she must have.

Every chance we get in summer - when we have a little work downtime, when we're healthy, when it's not raining - we work outside.  It's usually this mix of making something new, while maintaining something else.