Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The great woodstacking

Our favorite wood guy delivered four (4) more cords this week.  It's in one giant pile on the driveway's edge, and looks like this:
(that's Gwynneth and Bryan (myself) at the other end)

That's lot to stack, and purchase, but we need it.  Based on our years of winter practice, we'll burn at least that much between the two stoves and -30 F temps.
We also have about 4 cords already neatly stacked and protected elsewhere, including 3 just off-camera (to the right), and 1 in the basement, having beautifully dried all spring and summer.

Ben Harwood, who took these photos, helped me stack a couple of piles right away:

I'll dragoon the children into helping, which they dislike.  Owain fears the possibility of bugs, mostly flies, which find him delectable.  Gwynneth hates people watching her do it.  But both do good work.

I end up stacking most of the stuff myself.  Which just makes me happy, as you can tell:

Ben has a keen eye, no matter the subject.  Check out his photos.  Click on the photos above to get the full sized ones.


Iggy O said...

Great minds...this week I moved three full cords of unseasoned Oak for next winter (2013-14). Splitting and stacking to follow. Should have about 2 cords of seasoned ready soon. A start for our first winter of all-wood heat.

Got any wood-splitter advice? I'm looking at various 25-30 hp gas models and not going to do all that splitting by hand as long as they still sell gasoline ;)

Bryan Alexander said...

How many cords do you consume in a winter down there in Dixie, Iggy?

Wood splitters: basic ones are fine. A simple wedge (into 2 pcs) will do.
Not sure about brands. All the ones I've seen are ancient.

Iggy O said...

Looks like we'll burn at least 2 cords. I think my brother-in-law burns even more than that. Let's say "four" to be safe.

I have long split by hand, but now it's time to step up my game and use maul and axe just for kindling. Problem are lousy for many gas-powered splitters. We have access to another 80 acres of mixed forest (lots of pine and poplar, some oak).

I'll let you know how it goes! We'd buy a DR splitter but at $2500, it's a bit dear. We'll get something with 25+ tons of pressure that can be towed to the site by truck or tractor. Without farm hands, it's a one-geek job :)

BTW, if you have access to ethanol-free gas, use it in ALL your small engines. My saws, chipper, and mowers run tons better now that I quit using E10.

Bryan Alexander said...

Ethanol, what a disaster.

$2500 is a lot of money. Any chance of sharing a splitter with neighbors?

Iggy O said...

I found an excellent Tory-Bilt with a Honda engine for $1400 new. As my neighbor is a former moonshiner and felon, I'll share with the family (but keep on good terms with the neighbor, too...). Oh, the South.

Steven said...

I'm with Owain on the lack of fondness for bugs in the summer. But I do miss woodchopping.

Bryan Alexander said...

C'mon over, and I'll lend you as many axes as makes you happy.