Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prepping for Sandy

We're preparing for the potential impact of Tropical Storm Sandy.  Sandy might not hit Vermont, or it might be mild, but we know it's best to prep for the worst.  It's a weird, unpredictable storm, so we have to track it closely.  Others are tracking and prepping, across the American northeast.

Some of the weather plots look grim - for others, not just Vermont mountains.  Sandy might hang a left and plunge into Pennsylvania, striking Vermont on its right flank:
Vermonters are stocking up on supplies. Ceredwyn reports Middlebury stores running out of some stocks.

Irene hangs heavily on Vermonters' minds.  It was two years ago, but we're still recovering.  Ceredwyn and I drove to Boston and back this week, over some roads and bridges still under construction.

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Mr. GluSniffer said...

You and all our friends in the region are very much in our thoughts. This is one of those instances where I will be grateful if this turns out to be hype...

Take care.