Sunday, April 19, 2009

Regressive weekend

Friday was splendid, but the weekend has been challenging.

Friday saw warm weather, bright skies, pleasant breezes. Temps were in the 60s, even the 70s, down in the valley.

But Saturday dawned cold and dark, clouds pushed into place by a large cold front.

The temperature sagged down to the 40s. Crocuses looked resentful. Goats and chickens bore up. Winter's hands are slow to withdraw.

This morning the weather warmed scarcely at all, and the goats decided to revolt. Chocolate, our milking goat, paused halfway through being milked. She withdrew from her position slightly - one other goat charged in to seize her food - the other goat blundered in to help...

I charged after Chocolate, trying to coax her back to her place. Ghost and Bramble leaped in from both sides, trying to protect their fellow from my wheedling. They also tried to snack on the food I held out as a bribe. I fended them off with a squirtgun under one hand, goat chow in one hand, milk pail swinging and clanging from the other. All became seething chaos.

So I retreated. Ceredwyn told me that yes, this can happen, and to wait it out. Wait I did, and when I finally returned to the scene of this goat-ish October Revolution, all was calm. Chocolate was placidly milked, while Bramble and Ghost waited outside the shed. (One and 1/4 cup milk, plus 5 eggs)


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