Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ash on the snow, for the future

Today we cleaned out some ash from the main stove.  Ash builds up, especially with a fire burning continuously, and gradually reduces the stove's heat.  So we scooped it out into an airtight bucket.

The last bucket's load, we spread upon the earth.  It's where one potato patch will be, come spring:
The wood ash should be good fertilizer for the soil, once the snow melts.


Megadoom said...

I think there will be plenty of ash in our future.

Bryan Alexander said...

We should've known you'd bring the doom.

I wonder if we should do more fertilizing with ash. Thoughts?

Nick Baker said...

I've been fertilizing with wood ash (25% calcium) to balance the acidic coffee grounds in my compost and acidic soil on my hillside. Plus, a little biochar can't hurt.

Bryan Alexander said...

That's good to know, Nick.
And a fine reminder that we should retest our soil, once it thaws out.