Friday, February 3, 2012

Warm on the mountains

We continue to enjoy (or suffer from) weirdly warm weather up here.  Temps have been on both sides of freezing, warming up enough to allow rain (!). No snow has falled.

And this weird warming is not going away soon.  Wunderground sees more of it for the next week.

Ceredwyn wonders if she can start tapping trees for sap, a month ahead of schedule.
Owain despairs of seeing more snow.


Iggy O said...

Good luck, Bryan! It's been 50s and 60s all winter here in Virginia. The plus side is that I can get a lot of outdoor work done on the homestead without stirring up our snake population.

Today we began making our own tongue-and-groove flooring for the old farmhouse. It's steady but exacting work at the router, yet it costs us a tiny fraction of purchasing finished flooring. I'm grateful I know how to do it myself and that it's in the 50s.

The minus side to this weather? It's multiple. Our bee hives need feeding, our plants are budding and subject to late frost.

And it's just not normal. But I suspect it's the shape of things to come. As Jim Kunstler noted recently, however, we'll have to learn to endure it.

The typical flip-flop-and-shorts undergrad (or their parents) who proclaim "whee! It's warm! Superbowl Party!" have no inkling of what lies ahead.

Bryan Alexander said...

Well said, Iggy. We do need to adjust.

Say more about the router? Is this tool something you own?

Good luck with the bees and plants.

Charlie Hohn said...

some of the trees in East Middlebury were dripping/sap was starting to run. Then it got cold again, probably near zero, and I wonder if the trees were damaged. I guess only time will tell. I expect more sap will run later in the week.