Saturday, August 17, 2013

A homestead Saturday

It's 4 pm, and time to reflect back on a typical homestead Saturday.

Around 6 am we awoke to hear chickens on the loose.  We tottered around the coop, chasing birds about as feeble-minded as ourselves.

Family and friends arrived around 7:30 am.  We fed the chickens and ducks with our friend's young daughter, so she could see the critters.

Ceredwyn and a friend drove down to Middlebury town for supplies: groceries, medicine, mail.  Once they returned, the whole family loaded up the car with recycling materials and trash, then Bryan drove the lot to the community depot.  He went on to revisit Middlebury for more errands.

After lunch, Ceredwyn fixed up the electrically-powered chainsaw and cut up a bunch of logs for fuel, using the sawbuck she built.  Bryan hauled tree trunks her way.

Ready for splitting.

Before the afternoon sun reached peak heat we weeded some blackberry plants.  More on this later.

Later that afternoon, before making dinner, Bryan moved the steepest parts of the lawn, then weeded potatoes.

So this is a fairly representative weekend day.  We perform a variety of tasks, some imminent (feeding), others less so (cutting wood for winter).  Much, not all, of the work is physical.  Usually we learn something, like how to repair a chainsaw, or that blackberries were hiding on our land.

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