Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The last days of August

I (Bryan) roused Owain early this morning, around 7 am, since today was his first day of high school.  Well, not exactly a real school day, actually an orientation half-day, but still, a big alteration to his lazy summer schedule, and the start of a new phase in his life.

So breakfast in bed (gluten-free donuts) for him, and some last-minute prep: his favorite t-shirt (reading "What's your zombie plan?"); a present for his female friend (not a girlfriend, he insists); school paperwork; a novel.  Then off to the school bus.  He was a bit excited, wanting to talk about things other than high school.

On the way home I saw mist in the forests, rising from the moisture left by last night's thunderous rain.  Nearby mountaintops were obscured by white.

Back home the rising sun played through the mist.  Here it struck a path through our upper forest:

Soon it will be September.

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