Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Into the wood

It's high summer, but we never stop thinking about winter.  To wit: our supply of firewood.

We have a good amount left over from last year, and expect a delivery of more.  But we want to be ultra-careful, so we're cutting up fallen trees left over from the past year or two.

This time we're adding a chainsaw to our set of hand tools, since there's a lot to cut up and time is limited.  And yes, the chainsaw is fun.

I (Bryan) mean, really fun.  Just passing the blade through a tree trunk in seconds is delirious, after the experience of laboriously sawing through it with hand and blade, millimeter by millimeter.

Ceredwyn got frustrated with cutting short lengths of wood, so up and built us a sawbuck.  I love my wife.

We're cutting and cutting.  The next task is splitting.  Much of this is hardwood, like maple, so we'll probably end up renting a woodsplitter.

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