Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Working from home

This is Bryan: I work from home, which is a great thing.  From a homesteading perspective, there are a lot of benefits.

Since my work is mostly based on laptop, phone, papers, and books, I can set that stuff just about anywhere in the house, and sometimes outside.  So I get to spend a lot of time next to nature, with occasional forays into it. My office windows look out onto the back yard: some grass, one big plot, the new mulch plot, that rain garden, some wood piles, the start of one path downhill, and the forest looming broadly viridian behind all.

In the office, air comes through the screens, when I open the windows. Scents of grass and birch. Sounds of chickens and flying birds. The occasional cat face, claws slammed against the screen to demand entrance. Breezes come up the mountain and enter my office through the mesh.

So much for senses and delight; this also means homesteading work.  I take 10-minute breaks to do household tasks (laundry, dishes, etc), cut a little wood, move a rock, haul in some firewood.   When I need to think hard about a problem, I step out of the office or wherever I'm working, then do more of this non-thinking stuff.

It's a fine thing, all around.  A more pleasant environment to working in, compared with an office.  Some time to do homestead work.  And a deeper connection of my two worlds, old and new, land and cyberspace, knitted together in learning.

(photo from 2007)

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