Friday, July 1, 2011

New chickens on the mountain

New chicks have arrived!

Some of the chicks.  Blurry to do their frantic running around.
They arrived in the main, to the... delight of our community postal worker. We call these "peeping packages", after Owain's reaction to one years ago.

Ceredwyn set up the 50 or so chicks into a big metal tub. She placed heat lamps overhead, put down bedding, gave them water and food.

Some of the birds are for egg-laying.  Others will become meat.

Speaking of the latter, both cats and dog are fascinated by the new arrivals.  We closed off the room where they are staying, for now, and mind Hestia when she comes in.


Heather Awen said...

I remember when I was a child and we got our chicks! When we had mean Rhode Island Reds they pecked to death my cornish game hen Cornelia when I was at kindergarden. My parents said she choked on a grass hopper, I did not learn the truth until recently. I still remember the best feeling in the world - putting your hand under a sleeping chicken and getting a warm egg. So soft! I wish giant chickens would sit on me.

Sebastien said...

What kind? Plymouth Rock? Wyandotte?