Sunday, December 4, 2011

Venus Cloacina

Goddess of the Sewer
Just finished putting in all my flower bulbs.  It's amazing that it's the first week of December and we still can, but it is a bit of luck for me (Ceredwyn).

At left you see the little statue I've added to the garden.  Hopefully, in the spring the bulbs and wildflowers seeds I've planted will come up around her.  She will also hold a butterfly/hummingbird feeder when the weather is again freezing.

She is my Venus Cloacina, Goddess of the Sewer.  The Romans were very sensible people and did, in fact, have a shrine to this deity right in the middle of Rome.  They said the Health of Rome depended upon her.

Hummingbirds and flowers are especially sacred to Her, according to the Wikipedia entry.

So, right over our new leach field, we have a small statue of Her, 'cause it just seems like a good idea.

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