Saturday, June 2, 2012

Power out

Our home electrical power is out this morning, due to a huge windstorm scouring the mountaintop.  Leaves and branches are tumbling down everywhere.  Tree trunks groan, tall boles creak, and boughs shift awkwardly.

I'm typing this on my laptop, whose battery power is trickling down towards the fatal %.  I was just enjoying a morning snooze, made crowded by both children piling onto the family bed, along with the dog and one cat.

While waiting for the hardworking CVPS staff to reconnect us, we'll enter power outage planning mode.  Locate water stashes - well water is out, since pump is electrical.  Walk the land to check for possible damage, picking up deadfall along the way.  Switch over modern phone to the 1980s device, which can work solely on what comes down that thin telephone line.  And make the huge mental shift to hours without electronics.


Joe said...

We're about to begin day 3 of our power outage. I'm having a lot of trouble withat mental shift - there are sufficient crutches at hand to change plans instead of change minds. But I must admit, I had a real thrill when I realized Alison had installed a rain barrel, giving us a nice source of non-potable water for the commode. (Meanwhile I'm debating the wisdom of putting the mosquito repellant in the barrel last week in response to news stories about West Nile in Central Ohio.)

Bryan Alexander said...

Yikes, 3 days is a long time.

Rain barrel: do you have a mesh over the top?

Joe said...

I make it about a 75-hour outage at my house. Not fun.

Yes, we've got mesh over the top - but I've definitely seen something lively in the water so I figure better safe than sorry.

Bryan Alexander said...

Bad news on both counts, dead power and living things in your water. Good luck, Joe.