Monday, October 14, 2013

A new stove

Our main house stove gave out on us, and so we had to replace it. This is quite the thing to happen as autumn glides towards winter.

Ceredwyn spotted the problem last week. A thin crack appeared along one side of the basement stove. When the fire burned within, the crack appeared as a delicate red line running vertically among the black iron.

We had no way to repair it, lacking the skills and technology. So we had to dig into savings and replace it - quickly. A local business had a good one available, and good terms. Ceredwyn installed it, and it works so far:

This could have been a major problem if it occurred in the depths of winter.


Iggy O said...

Congratulations on the stove. Our glass broke last year (my stupid fault) and I've learned that you can't be without the stove for long.

Now I've extra glass and am loading just as advised in the manual. We'll begin our heating season in Virginia this weekend.

Bryan Alexander said...

Ouch, Iggy.
Are you anticipating serious cold this weekend?