Sunday, June 22, 2008

Peak oil on a Sunday afternoon

Thinking of peak from home to world, on a Sunday afternoon in mid-summer:

More Americans are riding trains more often, but Amtrak can't handle too much more demand.

At home our garden continues to grow: potato and pea, tomato and onion, herbs and more green veggies.

Candidate Obama urges "closing the Enron loophole."

A fine Oil Drum article considers the example of Hawaii, as an early case study in peak oil. Would be worth comparing to post-Soviet Cuba.

The Chinese government increased fuel prices, but global oil prices remain high, so far.

Meanwhile the anti-peak-oil model continues to argue that new discoveries will keep the world going for a generation. The peak oil theory response is that the sheer difficulty and cost of getting at this oil indicates that we're heading down the second part of the oil curve.

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