Monday, June 30, 2008

Caught by surprise

I'm listening to a radio show on our local NPR affiliate right now: "What are you doing in response to high gas prices?". People are talking about doing stuff that DH and I have done for years.

A round up of responses:

Fewer discretionary drives
Batching errands
Walking/biking longer distances
Moving closer to work
heating more with wood, less with oil
Public transit where available

Huh. Sounds like life around here. DH moved his office to our home last year, so we drive an average of 150-200 miles a week. And we live way the heck out in the country. We started making some desicions based on the possibility that Peak Oil was a real thing about six years ago. We figured at the very least, we'd save some money and have a nice retirement on that saving.

It seems like these many of these measures take time and forethought. It also seems like we just ran out of time.

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