Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've got a little list

Our car is in the shop, so we've been practicing for the day when a once a week trip into town is the norm. I'm thinking about what we'll need from town when we go down the mountain with our neighbor later today.

Cheesecloth for cheesemaking
8 quarts strawberries for jam (its strawberry season)
8 quarts tomatoes (some for eating, some for canning)
If they've come in, a big basket of cucumber for eating and pickling
Also, if available, a basket of beans
50 lbs flour
20lbs sugar
5lbs butter

This is looking less like a shopping list and more like Frontier House

1 comment:

Reed Hedges said...

One great thing that's missing from most houses I know is a nice big pantry room.

And a root cellar.

Get Bryan out there with a shovel!