Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow falling from roof

A typical deep winter scene, shot by our friends and semi-neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Megadoom:

After the video, note the deep stresses show in that post.  This can be hard stuff.


Kermit Lukacs said...

Yeah, I noticed it... it's as if a glacier cascaded down from the roof. It's like watching one of those nature shows about the Arctic and how it's melting!

Kermit Lukacs

Freddy Wingfried said...

Isn't that dangerous? Walking below that min-avalanche spells instant frostbite and mild body injury. That roof should be remodeled next summer, don't you agree?

Freddy Wingfried

Norbert said...

Oh! That was a big pack of snow. When you notice that snow is already forming on your roof, you should try to clear it as soon as possible because it can damage your roof’s surface. Snow can cause a roof to bend or collapse. Likewise, it could also be dangerous for the people who might be waiting outside your house.

Norbert Floth