Friday, July 18, 2014

Working on structures

Today Ceredwyn and I worked on two very light structures.

First, we finished building a Shelterlogic tent/shed.  This is going to house some of our wood supply.

Ceredwyn and Owain had done a lot of work already: cleaning the ground, connecting metal pieces, assembling the skeleton, balancing and rebalancing the legs.  So yesterday my wife and I threw a gigantic, heavy tarp over the framework, and secured it in place.  We raked out the new floor and set down a huge plastic ground sheet.  Next to come: wooden pallets and, well, wood.
Our house is off to the left.

Second, we worked on the chicken coop.  It's still suffering from last year's bear attacks (June, July; story), which skewed the cattle-panel framework, collapsed an interior support, and shredded some outer perimeter chicken wire fences.  I stood inside and used my back to lift up the roof, then shoved a beam into place to hold it a little higher up. Ceredwyn and I put up a tarp and cleaned up eggs old and new.

Then, just outside the chicken enclosure, we found a surprise next with eggs:
I don't know how the hen found those cinder blocks comfortable, but she must have.

Every chance we get in summer - when we have a little work downtime, when we're healthy, when it's not raining - we work outside.  It's usually this mix of making something new, while maintaining something else.

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