Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another bear incursion

After dawn today we found our local bear had paid the chicken house another visit.  The bear got further than before:
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You can see the coop's protective tarp torn open (on right), and the outer fence trampled down (bottom left).  The inner fence was ripped open as well.  The beast probably nabbed one bird; it's hard to tell, as many are hiding.

Unlike previous incursions, there wasn't a hullabaloo this time.  The dog barked normally as she found birds wandering around the area, having escaped through the new opening.  Hestia then circled frantically, yelping at patches of ground.  Neither of us encountered any bear directly.


Megadoom said...

Is your dog outside at night to protect the coop? I would build a wood framed coop, like a mini barn, as a deterrent. They can't just claw their way through one of those. Bear hunting is on a lotto in VT, like Moose, right? In the meantime, maybe spray bear repellent all over that tarp and the immediate grounds?

Bryan Alexander said...

The dog stays inside, but races outside at the first hint of danger.
We're looking to rebuild the coop, given time.
Not sure about the lotto system.