Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Planting the Three Sisters

It's June and warm enough to plant the Three Sisters: corn, beans, and squash all together, each complementing the others.  We've been thinking about this all winter,

We are using a plot that had held some potatoes last year.  Since we didn't use it this spring, the area grew thick with weeds.  So the first step was to cut the green way back, mowing and weeding.
Then I (Bryan) dug up the soil, loosening it for the plants to come.  Not a deep dig, but enough for the little seeds to get going.  I dug lines, about one foot apart.
Better prepared now.
Next step, planting.  We put in pairs of corn seeds along each row, about 30 inches apart.  Close by them we stuck in beans (which will climb up the corn stalks).
The last beans in our last packet.
Then we stopped, as night fell.

The next afternoon we continued, laying down squash seeds in the rows between the corn/bean seeds.
Watering wasn't required, as rain came down.

And that's it for planting the Three Sisters.  Now we wait, weed, and scheme a scarecrow.

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Megadoom said...

How are these now doing?