Thursday, January 6, 2011

More problems with solar electricals

Here's another account of a failed solar energy project for a homestead, and it's the kind of thing which drives us crazy.

In brief, these guys built a powerful, expensive ($50K!) system, and it works... for part of the year.  Then it doesn't.
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So the summer sees good generation, then winter sees generation fall, while demand increases.  The poor guys never make back their investment.

This is a serious problem for our homestead, too.  Like the American Northwest, we don't get a lot of sunlight for about one third of the year.  In addition our land has lots of trees, blocking out much sunlight.  And this doesn't touch on the horrendously high dollar figure, which is never repaid.

In other words, for our homestead to go solar, we'd need to

  1. Cut down a bunch of trees
  2. Spend a pile of money
  3. Rely on the grid (or something else) for a significant chunk of the year
Once again, electricity is a killer problem.

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