Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009

A chilly morning here. Yesterday afternoon water stood in puddles and hollows all over the land, snowmelt seeking freshly warmed earth. Only a few piles of snow still stood. But the temperature sank below freezing last night, and the morning now shows fragile ice everywhere. There are weirdly shaped twists of soil, too, grooves in mud turned to miniature canyons and surreal tumuli.

The animals are busy, generating milk and eggs at high rates.

Too cold for much sap, but Ceredwyn will see if she can boil some today.

I (Bryan) am setting aside the next week to work on the land. If the thaw happens, I'll dig holes for fence posts, and carve out new garden beds. Failing that, it's time to cut down a few trees and saw them up for next winter.

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