Friday, July 16, 2010

Rainy day in July

Rain started late this morning, coming down gently, then intensifying for a couple of hours. It's been a few days since rain.

How did this play out? The animals sought cover, dog and some cats inside, other cats under car or porch, the goats in their shed, and the chickies still in their cage in the basement. The upper garden plot's earth drank in the rain, eventually letting little puddles form. The lower garden (the big potato patch) resisted the water, stolidly generating puddles in rows.

Most of our firewood stayed dry under tarps. The new stuff was uncovered, and quickly darkened.

Water pooled past yesterday's stone walkway. It pooled in the dug-out but unlaid dirt; I need to get to that soonish.

Notice how I didn't mention collecting water? We receive a good amount of rain during summer, and a lot of snow throughout the rest of the year. So we don't take measures to harvest rainwater. We do have a couple of tiny ponds, situated to catch runoff, but those are mostly for appearance.

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