Friday, October 1, 2010

Rainy day in October

The rain continues.
Yesterday morning I checked out the little rill that forms when it rains, running down from the top of the land. It is now huge and fast, nearly white with speed at points.

The rill+ starts in the woods above the house, just below to road. That forest is now supercharged with accumulated rain, both fallen and runoff from the road. The water there pools on the soil's surface, then flows off, downhill, shaped into a rill by the land's contours.

The rill now races down along the upper vegetable plot, alongside the rock border. It descends through the rain garden, loudly over the narrow, rock-lined way. It plunges into and out of a catchment pond, flowing over a one-year-old lawn reclaimed from weeds, before disappearing noisily into the lower forests.


Ed Webb said...

If a blogpost ever demanded a soundtrack, this is it. The social web demands rich media content!

Bryan's workshop blog said...

Hm. Maybe I should shoot some video, then.