Friday, December 10, 2010

More on the shrinking American economy

Here's another article supporting my suspicion that the American economy is collapsing into a health care state:
Thanks to deindustrialization, which is caused both by productivity growth and by corporate offshoring, the overwhelming majority of Americans now work in the non-traded domestic service sector. The jobs that have the greatest growth in numbers are concentrated in sectors like medical care and childcare.
The rest of the article heads off into a mix of satire and nationalism, but I wanted to nail down this part.  As the American economy struggles, the medical sector remains one that can't be outsourced, generally.

So imagine an America in a few years, where the growing jobs involve health care: nursing, home care, technological applications.  Elders cared for by younger generations.  Manufacturing and scalable service jobs have disappeared.

Why do we homestead?  To survive shocks like these.

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