Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Laundry on the mountain

I'm not sure if we're talked about laundry, up here on the homestead.  It's another part of domestic life which needs rethinking, experiment, and practice.

Actually, it's not that complicated.  We don't own a clothes drier.  Instead we hang wet clothes near our stoves for the cold half of the year, which works very quickly.  During the non-freezing half we pin clothes to lines and let Vermont's gentle summer air do the work.
That's a soon-to-be consumed burn pile on the right.
No electricity involved.  Which is important, as we can suffer power outages.

Unfortunately, we haven't figured out how to do without the clotheswasher.  19th-century techniques are lethally time consuming for a busy family of four.  Ceredwyn spotted some gadgets we'd like to explore (for example) (more expensive example), but we're at the mercy of Edison and Maytag for now.

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