Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Into October

We're halfway through October here on the homestead.  Here's an update.

Now is serious autumn time.  Leaves have largely turned or fallen. Temperatures often drop to the 30s°F, especially at night.  We've started the main house fire, even running it an entire day.

And yet we get flashes of warm weather to remind us of the season just past.  Today's temperature may rise to 60 °F.  To an extent fall and spring are seasons of oscillation, alternating between the seasons they separate.

Nearly all of the plants are done.  Our plots are either empty or filled with lonely stalks.  The exception is our main potato patch, which Ceredwyn is letting finish, giving each spud a smidgen of extra growth,

The light has changed, as I describe in this story on Cowbird.
November is just around the corner.

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