Saturday, February 14, 2015

In the snow days

Now the snows are deep.  Accumulations come and we don't measure them, since their additions are minor in comparison to the drifts.

So we return to hauling in wood over snow.  Well, through trenches we've worn in the snow over the past few months,  Here's a sample load of wood piled into a big sled:

Note the pile on the upper left.  That was buried completely under snow.  I had to dig out the tarp, using a shovel for digging earth to break up ice which froze the tarp's edges to the ground.  The wood was secure under all that.

We also take advantage of the new, snow-made landscape to go snowshoeing.  Ceredwyn and I stomped into the woods across the lane.  Hestia came with us.  Snowshoeing is excellent exercise, working leg and hip muscles in unusual ways.  Extra muscle work is required when the dog decides to rest on my shoe.

Alternatively Hestia plunges ahead into the snow on her own, breaking trail like a submarine.

We worked our way deep into the woods, carving out a trail on the path supposedly leading to the next town.  Two days we've done this, pushing further the second time.  We'll see how far we get.

Meanwhile another storm is due to arrive, layering more snow onto the drift-made contours.

All of this is temporary, we know, due to melt into air - literally - once spring starts appearing.  But the snow feels all to real and durable for now.

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