Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mike Ruppert in person!

Saw Mike Ruppert when he was in Brattleboro a few weeks ago. I had a bit of a fan girl moment, as I've been reading From the Wilderness since 2001.

The auditorium was filled with different types of laid back enviro-hippies, sober Peaknicks, idealistic organic farmers, wild-eyed political activists, a couple of skeptical rednecks and some precious co-op-y types. (Don't take offense at the characterization, I'm at least four of these things myself).

Most of what he said was in the same vein as his newest book and movie. I bought a copy of the book although I didn't get it signed.

Some highlights: Mr Ruppert believes that the BP oil spill is the black swan of doom that is going to tip us into fast collapse.

Mr Ruppert also has very little patience for those who want to indulge in activist theatre. During the Q&A portion of the evening, he explained to several people that petitions and "citizen grand juries" were merely feel good activities that had little bearing on our actual political process.

This is pretty close to my own opinion. My suggestion was that people join their local volunteer fire departments.

Anyway, Collapsenet is up and running, so you can see the Burlington talk here

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