Sunday, May 15, 2011

Attack planting!

Onward to the soil!  Everything came together last weekend: no snow, no ice, no rain. Instead we basked in warm weather, and pried loose some precious unscheduled hours.  So we plunged into planting.

Digging: we re-dug the plot we created last year, the one on the rise just below the house.  We used shovels to dig down about one foot, carving long rows.  Rocks kept coming up, so they were added to piles for later use. Then we dug in compost from our 2009 pile, black and soft; this plot is still clay-ey, and desperately needs good stuff added to it.

We re-dug potato trenches in the big old plot, pulling out rocks and the occasional, surprising old potato (always in good shape, too).  Compost from a really old bin got tipped in, too: brown trenches lined with black.

Onions and garlic sprouted in their rows, planted by Ceredwyn last fall.  Green stalks bravely towering from dirt are a deeply heartening sight.

Other already-growing plants were glorious to behold in the bright sun.  The young apple tree, just forcing out little blossoms aimed at summer fruiting and fall fullness.  The grass across our lower lawn, set up last fall.


Megadoom said...

Heck of a job....culturing life. People seem less trained at it than killing and destroying.

Bryan's workshop blog said...

Maybe that will change, Mega, as the economy tightens. Or perhaps we'll get more into violence through crime and/or hunting+trapping.

Planting is one of the most satisfying things we do.