Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silence from the road

We haven't posted for a few days, and there are two good reasons.

One is me (Bryan) being on the road for a week. While travel for work can block posting to other blogs for logistical reasons (i.e., being busy on planes, giving talks, driving, having meetings), this blog is different.  It's tied to our land.

Homesteading drives me to write here, be it in response to something sweet (corn's growing!) or awful (blight). This post box comes to mind when I'm pulling weeds, digging soil, or sawing wood.  It doesn't really leap to mind when I'm returning a rental car on the other side of the continent, or dehydrating in a crammed airplane.

Homesickness tears into me when I travel, but that doesn't spur writing here.  Reading old posts, maybe, but not writing about missing the doomstead.

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lily said...

sawasdee ka!

i come to visit naka.