Saturday, April 11, 2015

April is the cruelest month, which means soup

Our daughter in Virginia is reading T. S. Eliot for the first time this week, which naturally makes us in Vermont think of his famous line: "April is the cruelest month..."

Because unlike in Virginia, or in England, where Eliot lived while writing The Waste Land, Vermont still maintains a healthy appetite for winter, despite the nominal onset of spring.
The creek about a mile southwest of the house.
One of the food blogs I (Bryan) follow proclaimed the start of spring, and commended the creation of bright, sunny, green soups in celebration.  This is appalling, of course, so I reached back in my culinary past to make some thick, warm potato and leek soup instead.
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I used a Julia Child recipe (as one should), and was struck by how we can - and do - grow all of the ingredients,   The soup essentially needs water, potatoes, and leeks, plus seasoning.  Potatoes we grow.  Leeks we haven't, but will now attempt.  And water comes from our well.

Next up: French onion soup.  And maybe the end of snow (for now).

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