Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Torrents of spring

Yesterday the temperature rose up into the 50s, and spring erupted.  Spring appeared like a translucent flame, flensing snow into mist.  Frozen ground appeared, dirt, rocks, and old leaves with exhausted grass. The top of the earth churned into mud.

So much snow melted that creeks supercharged, rising and raging in their beds.

Reeds and grasses lining the recently frozen creeks fell under the waters, then wavered in the coursing current;

Such a brutal shock is spring here, confusing our bodies' rhythms and expectations.


Iggy O said...

Very cool spring here, so far, with a few humid days with temperatures in the 80s to remind us of the inevitable in the SE United States.

Planting has been tricky. Seeds emerge slowly, including our cash crops for 2015. Two customers have back-up plans in case we lose our crop. Thinking about our own food, I'm betting the greens will bolt FAST once this cool weather ends.

Too fast. It's hard to cope with the latest "new normal" of climate change.

Bryan Alexander said...

What are you planting, Iggy?