Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winter is coming

Last week was Indian summer, here in Vermont.  Those amazing autumn days where the temperature can get up to 70 or 80.  The light falls at an angle now, so the red hues in the sunlight are more visible.  The angle of light is very important to us here.

The wood is stacked.  I am working on getting the house ready for winter.  I put in new insulation in the crawlspace last summer and I can already feel the difference.

We slaughtered chickens last weekend.  I still have cabbage in the garden and I brought in the last of the tomatoes and made them into pasta sauce.

Autumn in New England is a sweet time of year, made more so by it's brevity.  Six weeks or less and we'll be sunk into winter.

This year, winter comes after the damage of Irene.  It's going to be a tough winter for many.

There's more rain falling on the saturated ground and the rain would turn to sleet if it had its' way.

New England winters are always tough, to be sure, and this one will be no different.  The state government is assuring tourists that the leaf peeping is as good as it ever has been, but farms and businesses are devastated. The mood here since Irene ranges from sad and scared to desperate.

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