Monday, July 9, 2012

How we grow potatoes, two other ways

Last week we described one way we grow potatoes, in barrels.  Now I'd like to update you on two other methods.

First, the mulch method.  This is a no-dig approach, based on covering the ground with a layer of mulch.  We buried potato "seeds" about one foot apart from each other, then hilled up the successful plants with leftover mulch.

So far, it works:

Second, the old-fashioned trenches method. We dug deep trenches, interspersed with high rows.  Potato "seeds" start at the bottom of trenches; we hill up thriving plants with dirt from those rows.

Success with this approach, too:

That's a new plot, dug out of the old goat enclosure.  Once again we expanded the amount of land we cultivate.

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Iggy O said...

Bryan, it's our first year with taters. Of course, our tropical climate makes the effort "interesting," but I'm trying the mulch method myself.

I'm thinking that harvest won't happen until all the foliage dies back. Any tips on that? We now have a root cellar (old 50s fallout cool is that?).

Good luck! It has also been my first year for sweet onions, and they came out great.