Sunday, June 30, 2013

Working on the land in late June

It's the last day of June, and the homestead is humming along.  On days like this the sun just pours across the sky.  It's delicious to just stand in the afternoon light, soaking up the brilliance.  Or to simply sprawl and doze, like the cats are doing.

We've harvested some radishes.  They grow quickly and can start early in the year.  These Ceredwyn planted in May:
Three of us love eating 'em, so radishes are a win.  They are hardy, too, capable of surviving May's occasional bouts of snow and freezing temperatures.

Meanwhile we nurture our potato plants, which just sprouted up a couple of weeks ago.  Nurturing them involves weeding, of course, and also hilling: adding compost and soil onto their stalks, building up a little hill around each plant.  That encourages them to grow longer stems and roots, often yielding more potatoes.

On the western edge of our cleared land the tomato plants grow, each in its car-tire-enclosed bunch of warm compost and soil.

Over in the north plot, the three sisters (corn, beans, squash) have started to grow, even though we only planted them a week ago.  The bean plants in particular have soared up out of the soil.
The tiny corn shoot is in the center, dwarfed for now by the bean plants above.
Nothing bad to report now: no blight, no thieving animals.

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